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Abigail Stuart

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Character Name
Full Name Abigail Stuart
Furigana アビゲイル・ステューアット
Personal Info
Age 22
Gender Female
  • USNA
  • Shawmut Magic Research Institute
Occupation Magic Researcher
Novel Beautiful Girl Magic Guardian Plasma Lina

Abigail Stuart (アビゲイル・ステューアット) is a USNA magic researcher. She goes by the nickname "Abby". [1]

Appearance and Personality

She has short red hair. [1]

Though she is a genius who feels like a nerd, but prefers teaching others. [1]


She is 22 years old. She got her doctorate degree at the age of 17. [1]

Abigail and Second-Lieutenant Angelina Mizar are old friends. [1]

She developed both Heavy Metal Burst and Brionac. At the age of 17, at the Shawmut Magic Research Institute, Abigail is the leader of the charged particle beam magic weapons laboratory for creating prototypes. [1]

With Angelina Kudou Shields's magical power, when she came to visit, she cooperated with Abigail's research. Heavy Metal Burst during initial practical experiments exceeded tactical-class power, becoming a Strategic-Class Magic. As a result, Stars strongly encouraged for the completion of Heavy Metal Burst and Brionac. [1]


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