Toudou Aoba, the Owner of the Fourth Research Institute (currently as the Sponsor of the Yotsuba Family) has connections with the members of the Yotsuba Clan and Kokonoe Yakumo.

Yotsuba Maya

Maya thinks that the sponsor is someone who is very important to the Yotsuba Clan, and doesn't want any discord with the sponsor.


Hayama shows much caution with creating trouble or discord with the sponsor. Hayama also thinks that the sponsors are possibly dangerous as well, when he called them those "creatures".

Kokonoe Yakumo

Shiba Tatsuya saw Toudou Aoba first at Yakumo's temple, where he had a long private meeting with him. He asked Yakumo to prevent Tatsuya from revealing his abilities in front of others, especially the USNA soldiers.

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