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The 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion (独立魔装大隊) is a detachment of the main unit, which is an experimental magic-based unit, separate from the normal chain of command. The 101 in the name of the battalion is read as "One-Zero-One" and not "One-Hundred and First". [1]


Major General Saeki Hiromi, the former Commander-in-Chief of the battalion established the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion with the aim of having a magic-equipped military force independent from the Ten Master Clans. [2] The Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion carries all the characteristics of black-ops. [3] The current Commander-in-Chief of the battalion is Lieutenant Colonel Kazama Harunobu. [4]

Only the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion's command structure allows for soldiers during active duty to not be restricted by the military's ranking system, yet still manage to maintain their right to participate on the front lines. [5] Although called as a battalion, it is only the size of two companies. The majority of the troops in the battalion are Magicians who use Ancient Magic, such as Kazama and Yanagi Muraji. On some level, all the soldiers are considered lab rats for magical experimentation, but they aren't ashamed of being members of the battalion. [6]


The 101st Brigade is stationed at Tsuchiura in the old Ibaraki Prefecture. The Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion is also stationed at Tsuchiura Base. [7]


Due in part for their accomplishments at Yokohama, the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion gained recognition as a Special Forces group capable of overcoming dire situations. Thus resulting in the promotions of certain Officers for their roles, however, these promotions were withheld since the Yokohama Incident even though it wasn't something the Ministry of Defense could ignore, which delayed the promotions that would have happened during July 2096 to happen in January 2097. [4]

Commanding Officers

Saeki Hiromi - [Major General] (Former)



  • Special Lieutenant - Ooguro Ryuuya
There is an agreement between the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion and the Yotsuba Clan regarding the rights and priorities to order Tatsuya. Yotsuba Maya may be the head of Yotsuba Clan, but since Tatsuya's status to the Yotsuba was that of a Guardian, Miyuki had the highest authority when it came to ordering him. And so as per the secret agreement arranged between the Yotsuba Family and 101st Brigade, apart from missions that concern Miyuki's protection, the 101st Brigade has the preferential right.
However, the Yotsuba Clan reserves the right to temporarily suspend the control of the Battalion over Tatsuya, should some situation concerning Yotsuba Family's interests arise.


The Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion is responsible for the development of cutting edge equipment. Compared to regular military classifications, the security clearance for this detachment is five to six levels higher. [1] The Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion is the first Magician unit in the world to utilize the revolutionary application of flying troops. [8]

  • Super Sonic Launcher - this missile launcher looking equipment is designed to destroy infantry missiles or missiles launched by light mechanized forces in flight.
  • Mobile Suit - various suites that give tactical advantages to the soldiers like flight, bullet-proof properties, cloaking, etc.
  • Synthetic Molecular Transmitter - a short lifetime nanotechnology tracking device (it was used in pursuit of a Paranormal Parasite).
  • Third Eye - this rifle looking device is an auxiliary equipment for activating the classified Strategic Class magic Material Burst.


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